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The PERCS Index Inc. has been providing bar code based, database programs to their rapidly expanding customer base since the late 1980’s. We develop evidence tracking control programs and software for police and law enforcement agencies.
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Asset Manager

Asset ManagerOverview

Asset Manager by The PERCS Index is designed to automate the processes involved with the control of capital assets. This is achieved by:

  • the use of Windows technology
  • advanced screen layouts
  • sophisticated database design
  • barcode technology

The increased efficiencies of automating this traditionally manual process is directly translated into savings in manpower hours in locating, valuing and maintaining control of your capital assets.

Asset Control

Barcode LabelAsset Manager makes it simple to maintain control of your capital assets in one or multiple locations. Detailed information on each of your assets is entered into the system. This information can include purchase date, value, serial number, location and other information such as warranty details, vendor etc. Once the information has been entered into the system, barcode labels are generated and affixed to the asset. Labels can also be created for the location of the asset. Standard reports provide a complete analysis of your assets for location, valuation and control purposes.

Simple To Use Asset Manager utilizes the latest in screen design concepts to minimize the learning curve of users familiar with standard Windows protocols. A fully featured on-line Help system is included to answer any questions a user may have. The use of barcode technology enables inventory counts to be conducted using a simple ‘point and shoot’ procedure. The inventory counts can then be downloaded to the system and on hand quantities and changes in location will be updated automatically.

The Benefits

With Asset Manager, you are able to better maintain control of your capital assets. This additional control allows you to:

  • better manage the allocation of funds for replacement or addition of capital assets
  • realize substantial savings in time through the automation of the inventory process and the tracking of the movement of your assets from department to department.
  • gain further returns on your investment by providing immediate response to asset location due to powerful database search tools
  • enjoy time savings through elimination of repetitive forms and data entry

Asset Manager In Action

We have added a slide section showing the main Asset Manager screens, each with a short description. This will give you an overview of the program in action!

We have added a video tour section that shows in detail the different features of the program.

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