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The PERCS Index Inc. has been providing bar code based, database programs to their rapidly expanding customer base since the late 1980’s. We develop evidence tracking control programs and software for police and law enforcement agencies.
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Digital Photo & Signature Module

Digital Photo Module

dig_photoEvidence Manager by the PERCS Index, now has an optional module that allows a user to store and retrieve digital images for any item that is under Evidence Manager control. Authorized users will now have the ability to view images of any item of evidence without having to actually go to the Evidence room. Items that have an image available will have an icon that indicates that one or more images are available for this item. Simply clicking on that icon will cause the image to appear. Multiple images can be attached to any item.

Images that have been stored in Evidence Manager can be retrieved for viewing, export or printing. These images can also be stored with their individual descriptions. A printed report would include the image, description and case and item number.  Case files that have been closed and evidence destroyed can also be archived. The images will then continue to provide a record for future reference purposes.  For more detailed Digital Photo Module information, click here.

Digital Signature Module

dig_sigThis optional module is used to capture and store an electronic signature.  By using the included digital signature pad, a digital signature can be obtained and stored for any movement of evidence or for any disposal of evidence.  The captured signature is displayed on the screen as well as on the 'Chain of Custody' reports.  You must be running Evidence Manager v4.5 or higher to be able to upgrade to the Digital Signature module or the Digital Photo module.  For more detailed Digital Signature Module information, click here.

Digital Drug Scale Module

dig_scaleThis optional module is used to directly enter drug weights into the system.  Eliminates the possibility of manual entry error.  The scale is also a counting scale. 
For more detailed scale information, click here.


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