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The PERCS Index Inc. has been providing bar code based, database programs to their rapidly expanding customer base since the late 1980’s. We develop evidence tracking control programs and software for police and law enforcement agencies.
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File Tracker

Overview File Tracker

File Tracker by The PERCS Index is designed to control the release of Master files to authorized persons and to maintain a record of the files location at all times. This is achieved through:

  • barcode technology
  • advanced screen layouts
  • use of Windows technology
  • sophisticated database design

The use of File Tracker minimizes lost or misplaced files and maintains a log of all activities related to the file.

Tracking Master Files

File Tracker simplifies the task of signing Master Files out to authorized persons. A barcode label is created for each Master File and for each authorized person who will be accessing the files. When the Master File leaves the Records Room, its barcode is scanned along with the barcode of the officer. To return the file, simply scan the attached barcode. The system automatically records these transactions so that you can instantly determine the status of all Master Files.

Simple to Use

File Tracker utilizes the latest in screen design concepts to minimize the learning curve of users familiar with standard Windows protocols. A fully featured on-line Help system is included to answer any questions a user may have. The use of barcode technology enables Master Files to be borrowed and returned by using a simple ‘point and shoot’ procedure. Extensive reporting capabilities provide tracking and historical analysis of all files borrowed.


With File Tracker, you will realize a substantial saving in the time and effort required to control the release and return of critical Master Files. Through the extensive reporting capabilities of File Tracker, Master Files can be tracked by Date Borrowed and Returned as well as by Person Borrowing. With this improved control, there will be more user accountability with a resultant decline in lost or missing files. Additional time savings can be gained through minimizing the time spent looking for lost files.

File Tracker Components

Basic Package includes:

  • File Tracker software
  • One year of Technical Support

Equipment required not included:

  • PC with Windows 98, 2000, XP, NT, Vista, or Windows 7
  • 32 MB RAM, 10 MB Hard Drive available
  • Color monitor / Printer
  • Thermal transfer barcode label printer
  • Barcode laser scanner

We have added a slide section showing the main File Tracker screens, each with a short description.   This will give you an overview of the the program in action.

We have added a video tour section that shows in detail the different features of the program.

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